Dinosaurs ARE Weed is the ninth episode in season 1 of Mudmage. It is considered by fans as the true finale to season 1, and is the second part to the mudmag chronicles.

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Mudmage, continuing his job as a paleontologist, discovered Dinosaurs smoked weed in episode 5, "Dinosaurs Smoke Weed WITH PROOF." In this episode, Mudmage explains that they actually didn't smoke weed, but actually WERE weed themselves.

Mudmage also discovered that it wasn't an asteroid that killed the dinosaurs, but weed. After explaining evidence, Mudmage states that humans will die like the dinosaurs if humans continue to smoke weed.

In the end of the video, Mudmage finally reveals his secret: working with the weed fossils had caused him to become very sick, and he says he will die very soon. After thanking those who listened to him, the episode ends.

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