Season 1 of Mudmage was obviously the first season. It consisted of 10 main episodes, and 1 pilot episode.

The pilot episode, Spopy_Fish Fanart Crossover, was released on May 19th, 2016. The first episode was posted the very next day after positive reception. The season ended on April 21, 2017 when Mudmag Ascends to Heaven - A Fan Tribute Film was released.

Plot and the Mudmag Chronicles Edit

The plot for Mudmage is rather interesting because majority of the episodes didn't have plot. Instead, 3 episodes were released into a subcategory: The Mudmag Chronicles.

In short, Mudmage is a paleontologist who discovered dinosaurs smoke weed. Much later, he finds they didn't just smoke it, but the dinosaurs were made from weed itself. After realizing the fate of the dinosaurs wasn't because of an asteroid, but weed, he states humans must stop smoking weed. But, working with weed fossils had made him very sick, and his death was inevitable. A day later, Mudmage dies and the Mudmag Chronicles end, along with the season.

Episodes Edit